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Wardrobe Box Rent

Our wardrobe boxes are made with durable corrugated plastic. Transfer your clothes in their hangers directly from your closet into our wardrobe boxes. To estimate how many boxes to order, measure the length of your closet hanging bar and divide by 24”. For example, if your closet hanging rod is 48”, you will need two wardrobe boxes. Our wardrobe boxes are rented out for a flat rate of $13.99 for up to three weeks.

Product Specifications:
Dimensions: Box: 24”L x 20”W x 48"H
                     Hangar Bar: 24”L x 2”W
Weight Capacity: 40-60lbs loaded
Stack Capacity: 2 high stacking vertical (top to bottom)
Stack Capacity: 4 high stacking on their side (side to side)

Product Origin:
Made in USA  

Environmental Consideration:
Reusable, 100% recyclable