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How To Use Moving Crates and Dollies (or Hand Truck)

Moving bins and dollies

Renting moving bins or crates is a great option for those looking to move locally. It’s convenient and affordable and you save time not having to assemble and un-assemble boxes. The benefits of using sturdy and durable of plastic moving bins are that they offer greater protection, have handles for easy carrying and they nest when empty to save space. However, crates, as with cardboard boxes, get heavy when they are full.

Follow these tips to pack and move faster and easier:

Designate Area For Packed Moving Boxes

Set aside an area (or 2 if one area isn’t big enough) to put all your boxes, preferably an area nearby your doorway so your movers can grab the boxes quickly. This will help you reduce labor time (and associated cost if you’re paying your movers by the hour). Having designated area for packed boxes also helps you get around easier while you’re packing and unpacking. Scattered boxes make moving furniture and other larger items more difficult.

Set Aside Survival  Items

Survival items are things you will absolutely need on the days you are packing and unpacking. These things may include toiletries, a few set of clothes, phone and charger, computer, scissor or nail clipper to clip zip-ties, toilet paper, etc.

Pack One Room At A Time

Put 5-10 empty crate onto a dolly or hand truck and roll them into the room you’re about to pack. If you’re using a dolly, remove the empty crates from the dolly. Now place 1 empty crate onto the dolly or hand truck, pack and close the lid. Place another empty crate on top of the packed crate, pack and close the lid.

Continue until you have 3-4 loaded crates. Label the crates and secured them with zip ties. Roll the crates to the designated area you have set aside. Unload the dolly or hand truck repeat the process. Avoid putting more than 6 loaded crates per stack.

Tip: Pack heavy items first but do not pack more than 50 lbs per crate. It’s easier to put lighter crate on top of heavier one then the way around.

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