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College Dorm Room

Tips For Moving Into Your First College Dorm Room
Moving Tips

By Lily Tran - July 9th, 2014 05:58 PM

Right now, most high school graduates are only thinking about all the fun things they are going to be doing this summer, but it may be a good idea to start planning a little for your first big move into a college dorm. The first year of college presents a lot of new challenges, it is easy to get overwhelmed and forget about the little details. There are many big changes happening and a lot of new things to adjust too, like a new city, new daily schedule, new classroom environment, new teachers and even new roommates.

Students can make this transition easier and less intimidating by preparing for the things that can be controlled. Planning for the move from family home to college dorm in advance can help relieve stress for everyone and make the transition a little smoother for any new college student. Here are some tips to help make the move into your first college dorm room easier.

Decide what you really need to bring

There are a lot of things that you will have to leave at home when moving into a college dorm. Most dorm rooms are very small and shared with another student, so space is very limited. No matter how much you love it, you will not be able to bring your ping pong table, or any other space-consuming items.

Decide what items you really need on a daily basis. Make a list of essential college items. Many colleges have student recreation rooms available that have items like ping pong tables in them, so you will not need to bring your own. Keep these and other distractions at home and outside of your dorm room.

Find some good space-saving options

There are a lot of great items available that are made to save space without compromising functionality in your dorm room. Go through your list from before and decide whether or not you need that specific item. Maybe some essentials, like a desktop computer, can be replaced with a smaller similar item, like a laptop computer.

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Image of NYC skyline, skyscrapers and Statue of Liberty

What Moving In New York City Looks Like Today
Moving Tips

By BoxUp - May 22nd, 2014 12:55 PM

Whether it is coming, going or just moving a few blocks, migration is a normal pattern for residents of New York City. As jobs and situations change, city dwellers exchange apartments and relocate to different areas. But in recent years, housing shortages have caused prices to skyrocket and resulted in shortages for median and low income residents. Here is a glimpse at what moving in the city looks like today.

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