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BoxUp Partners Up With Relocation Management Specialist- The Moving Maestro
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By BoxUp - July 29th, 2014 09:31 AM

BoxUp has partnered up with the Moving Maestro, a relocation management company, that helps Tri-State residents and businesses plan and organize theirs moves. The Moving Maestro was founded by Rebeca Mosher, owner and founder of Space Composer, a company that offers professional organizing services. For over 8 years, Mosher and her team have helped numerous New Yorkers and businesses de-clutter and harmonize their living or work space. Mosher naturally segued into relocation management as more and more of her clients requested her help in orchestrating their moves. 

"We're excited to have the Moving Maestro as our partner. For BoxUp customers who simply don't have the time nor want to deal with the logistics of moving, Rebeca is god-send. She brings deep relationships with exceptional movers and offers the kind of personal and professional attention that is hard to find in the moving industry", said Lily Tran, BoxUp Chief Eco-Agent. 

Rebecca has previously been approached by other rent moving box companies but has chosen a partnership with BoxUp. She believes "BoxUp is the perfect moving supply partner. Their products follow the green and sustainable guidelines their mission statement preaches. Rebecca has always been environmentally conscientious, often recommending her clients to reuse or repurpose things they already own. "You donít need to invest in the entire catalogue of The Container Store to become organized", said Rebecca. 

We interviewed Rebeca to help readers understand what they can expect when they hire the Moving Maestro:

What services does the Moving Maestro offer?

As a multilingual (English, Spanish and Portuguese) relocation management specialist, I act as a liason between my clients and the rest of the parties involved in the moving process. I utilize my specialized skills, expertise in the field, and good relationships with top vendors in the industry to provide the most satisfactory results for your move. The services we offer include, but limited to:
  • Recommend 1-2 suitable moving companies based on cost-comparison, industry reputations, and customer's specific needs (e.g., specialized movers such as art movers, piano movers, if required)
  • Ensure you disconnect your utilities and connect them at the new space
  • Reserve elevators and confirm all the certificates of insurance and permits are in order
  • Help you purge so you don't move unnecessary items from point A to point B (this will actually save you money!!!)
  • Coordinate with a man with a van to get rid of all your tax deductible donations, computer/electronic recycling items.
  • Schedule a shredding job (corporate and home office)
  • Help you create a floor plan to maximize the space and storage areas of your new place
  • Unpack with criteria: we don't just "empty boxes", we help organize as we un-pack.  
  • Advise you of organizing products that will maximize the usage of space and storage areas in your new home

How are you different than a Certified Mover Consultant or Certified Packer?

Certified moving consultants and packers are titles within a moving company (a certified moving consultant primarily focuses on selling moving company services and a certified packer is professionally trained to do the packing task at its best). I'm a professional organizer and my expertise encompasses a variety of tasks mentioned above. Having said all that, for insurance purposes, we DO NOT offer full packing services, meaning that we let the certified packers do what they do best (pack china, art, furniture, electronics, computers, kitchen gadgets, etc...) 

How soon should customer contact you before their move?

As a general rule of thumb, it is never too early to start planning your move, especially in high moving season (May-June & Sept-Oct) when movers are most busy.  With that said, a reasonable amount of time to plan your residential move with enough room to breathe is 8 weeks. However, don't panic if you have less time, the Moving Maestro is here to help (there have even been some rare case where we have managed very successful moves with only a two weeks notice!)
What are your 3 top packing and moving tips for our readers?
  • It is never too early to begin planning your move
  • Try to avoid high moving seasons and 1st/end of the month moving dates
  • If you decide to pack yourself, think about the destination, (not the current location) of the items you are packing and mark that destination clearly. For example, if your cooking books are located in the current living room but will be placed in the new kitchen, then marked the books as "Kitchen"

Want to learn more about the Moving Maestro, contact them at:

Tel: 917-952-8024
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