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Avoid Bed Bugs During a Move

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Don’t bring any bed bugs into your new home. Here are some simple precautions you can take before your move to prevent a bed bug infestation: 

Check the history of your new home:
  • In New York City, landlords are mandated to release a one-year bed bug infestation history to new residential tenants:                 
  • You can also check TheBedBugRegistry to see if a report has been filed for your new home’s address.
  • Look around your new home carefully with a flashlight to check for bed bugs. Inspect the seams of floor boards, baseboards, windows and door frames. If you see bed bugs, notify your landlord. If you are the home owner, contact a pest control professional.
  • If there are other tenants in the building of your new home, ask them if there has ever been a bed bug problem.
  • As a preventative measure, you may go as far as hiring a pest control professional to check out (and possibly, treat) your new home before you move in.


Check your movers and moving vehicle
  • When hiring movers, ask the company if and how frequently they inspect for bed bugs. How do they clean their vehicles and blankets that they use to wrap furniture?
  • If you rent your own vehicle, inspect it yourself before you put your belongings inside.
Pack your belongings in cleaning moving boxes
  • If you use boxes that have been tossed out by others, check them with a flashlight for bed bugs.
  • BoxUp provides eco-friendly, durable moving boxes that are cleaned, sanitized and inspected before they are delivered to customers. Their boxes are treated with a commercial dry vapor steam cleaner set at a minimum of 230 degrees. The combination of pressure, hot steam and clean towels ensures that no bed bugs can survive (and gets rid of any debris and dirt, germs and bacteria).


Have a bed bug infestation? 

Do you have bed bugs in your current home? Read this excellent guide for “Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Safely” 

If you must move before a bed bug infestation has been eliminated, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to pack and unpack your belongings so that you don’t bring bed bugs with you.

Moving Right Along is a NYC-based company with a Bed Bug Busters division that can securely pack your belongings into air-tight containers. The packed containers are then taken to their facility for fumigation. A pest control professional should treat the infestation in your home before your belongings are returned to your premises for unloading.  

Discarding a mattress or furniture?

If you decide to throw away infested furniture or mattresses, wrap them tightly in plastic and clearly write “Bed Bugs” on them before disposal. New York City will penalize you with a fine of $100 if mattress bags and box springs are not encased in a sealed plastic bag (no matter what condition your mattress is in, infested with bed bugs or not).


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