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Founded in 2013, BoxUp’s mission is to make it easier for New Yorkers to pack and move without trashing our planet. Our broader mission is to set the gold standard in the moving industry when it comes to pricing transparency, customer service and sustainability. Renting plastic moving bins can greatly reduce the stress of moving provided it’s executed correctly. Ideally, you can skip the line, have nicely stacked and sanitized moving bins and packing supplies delivered to your front door. When you’re done unpacking, the bins are picked up after you’re done unpacking from your new place. No messy tape, no assembling and disassembling cardboard boxes and your stuff are better protected.

That all sounds great but what’s the difference between BoxUp and other moving bins companies? The devil is in the details. BoxUp continuously invest in technological and product innovations and process improvement to ensure we truly do make it easier for you pack and move. We invented reusable dish and glass dividers, developed a better reusable wardrobe box, created our own Greenwrap expansion machine and conceived and executed the idea of labeling boxes with eco-friendly markers and reusable labels. Our customer centric business model means that your order is delivered and picked up on time, our products are cleaned and easy to use and we’re there if anything goes wrong.

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Our durable crates are fully recyclable and can be reused about 300 times compared to 2-3 times for cardboard boxes. At the end of its service life, a BoxUp crate is either recycled locally or sent back to our manufacturer for reprocessing into other useful products. Our wardrobe boxes can be reused about 50 times and Glass and Dish Dividers over 100 times. Due to sanitary reasons, mattress bags are sold for one-time use. GreenWrap, our replacement for bubble wraps, is fully biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable.

We vacuum and sanitize our crates, wardrobe boxes, dollies and hand trucks with an EPA approved sanitizer before delivering to you. In addition, these rentals undergo our deep steam cleaning every quarter. Our cleaning process is non-toxic and uses very little water. Our recycled nylon Garment Bags and Linen Stuff Sacks are laundered with Seventh Generation detergent.

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Since its founding, BoxUp has been committed to sustainability.

We obtained our Green America certification in 2015. See our profile on Green America's website.

We offset our company's carbon emissions including emissions from cleaning, delivering and picking up our moving and supplies. See our carbon offset purchase from Terrapass.

For more information on our sustainability efforts, please visit our Sustainability Page. 

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